Hi, I’m Rosanna. I’m just out here living that extra average life with my wonderful husband, my sweet baby girl, and my wild little boy.

I am going to be real with you. My house is a disaster. I’m a hoarder. I hate to cook.  My son eats chicken nuggets a lot, but he also loves vegetables and I consider that to be my greatest parenting achievement thus far. Speaking of which, I am no parenting expert and I am constantly trying to figure out how to make sure I don’t scar my kids for life.

So, why am I starting a lifestyle blog and why on Earth would you read it?

Because I am going to be real with you. I want to share little things that I find helpful as a parent, humor in tough situations, and mistakes I’ve made that you can avoid. I want to show you my messy house so that you feel better about yours.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’m cheap. I like nice things (not that I have many), but I like to save money whenever I can. I will share ways to save money and I will share DIY projects for the home.  

So, even though my life, my house, and my parenting are not always picture perfect, I am going to try to be as authentic as possible.  

I’m just an extra average mom living an extra average life. This site is about finding joy in the little things, and I am hoping to send some joy your way too.